Sales Inventory
Management System
It is software created for Japanese companies operating in ASEAN which have high turnover rate of human resources. It’s an easy-to-use system for everyone. This system is developed by expert who have experience more than 20 years for business in Thailand.
User can use system in local language and also change to use in other languages, for example, Thai, Japanese, English, etc. by clicking just one button. As a result, Japanese people and local people can discuss with each other during work. In addition, Delivery Order and other reports can be printed in local language to increase performance.
※ A Posterior Soft Series® is registered trademark of Arcadia Soft Asian Co.,Ltd.
【 Multi-language support 】
In order to support human resources rotation within ASEAN according to the establishment of AEC ( Asian Economic Community), user can change language of labels and messages freely.
Able to connect to Import-export system (HarborWrite®) HarborWrite® is registered trademark of Arcadia Knowledge Industry Co.,Ltd.
【 Cover Sales Management process from Quotation until Receipt 】
Support from Quotation – Receiving Order – Purchase Order – Warehousing – Shipping – Invoice (Billing Note, Credit Note, Debit Note) – Receipt
Support multi-currency.
【 Inventory Management 】
Inventory incoming and outcoming functions are processed with First In First Out order. Stock amount is recorded by incoming date and distributed at the time of shipping.
It is possible to set for more than one warehouse.
【 Reuse processed data/Merge various data 】
Able to copy data from Quotation to Receiving Order, from Receiving Order to Purchase Order or Invoice. This helps us avoid inefficient work from inputing same data many times and increase work efficiency.
Able to generate Receiving Order data from multiple Quotation data, and also make Invoice from many Receiving Order data. This makes work become easier, reduce the load of work, and improve work efficiency.
※ Possible to create Purchase Order separately
【 Goods price management function 】
In system, it manages goods based on period. Even item specifications are changed, system can differentiate and manage as old item and new item separately. Users can also check goods data in the past.
Able to set price differently for each suppliers and customers as well as set price based on goods themselves.
【 Down payment 】
When creating Quotation or Receiving Order, user can set percentage for down payment, so that at the time of creating Invoice, invoice amount can be calculated automatically.
It is possible to split Invoice.
【 Access Control 】
By setting system access authority, system usage information, for example, who entered data and when it was, could be acquired. This would help reduce trouble among staffs.
【 List of functions 】
【 Output report samples 】
【 Cloud Service 】
Server is installed at the data center, Using system via internet.

【 On premises 】
Use system which its server installed at your company.
Analyze existing state before installation and provide customers the most appropriate system (Fit & Gap).
For customers’ original functions, we will develop as customization.
Provide training and system support consistently.
If there is problem, we response to the inquiry by phone or investigate at the work site.
Support by Japanese and Thai language.
Japanese companies that are launching in Thailand.
Japanese companies that are BOI approved or acquiring for IPO.
Japanese companies that have plan to launch in AEC area.