Development and sales of software for foreign companies

Our Arcadia Soft (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997. At the beginning, our core product was the Trade Business Support System HarborWrite(R) that we have developed in-house. Currently, we are providing many packaged software for foreign companies operating in Thailand, for example, Production Management System, Sales Inventory Management System, Import Tax Exemption (BOI) Management System, etc. enhancing internal operational efficiency.

From Thailand to Southeast Asia

We've set office in Bangkok as the HUB of Southeast Asia in order to sell and support packaged software for Japanese companies, especially Trade Business Support System HarborWrite (R), which has large number of users not only in Thailand, but also in Malaysia and Singapore. It is being developed as packaged software of network hub. For those who have difficulties in import export business, please consider HarborWrite (R) as your solution.

Solution Business

Our company does not develop packaged software only, but also provides solution business. We get orders from Call Center, home appliance manufacturers, as well as automotive manufacturers. In addition, we also do offshore development from Japan.

List of software for Japanese companies in Thailand and overseas
  • - For Japanese companies which are planning to expand to overseas -
We would like to introduce software for companies planning to expand to Southeast Asia; Sales Inventory Management System (APSS-1®) and Import Tax Exemption Management System.

Sales Inventory Management System (APSS-1®) which is developed based on the law of Thailand and Import Tax Exemption Management System which complies with the regulations of BOI(the Board of Investment of Thailand) are in-house products.

Trade Business Support
Trade Business Support System (HarborWrite®)
  • - Trade business package as Cloud service -
By paying monthly fee, you can use Trade Business Support System (HarborWrite®) in the form of Cloud service.
Trade business analysis and Package implementation
  • - For those who are considering trade business software -
We would like to recommend this packaged software for those who have to create import-export related documents manually.

Integration with other systems
  • - Data Interface Development -
In case that customers already have mission-critical systems, it is necessary to integrate with accounting data. We will provide data interface in the form of CSV file.
Outsourcing Business
Data center promoting business
  • - Introduction to data center in Thailand and support -
To customers considering data center for hosting and housing, we would like to introduce data center which is robust and cheap with the cost of less than one-third comparing to the cost spent for data center in Japan. We are willing to negotiate price and manage data center on behalf of customers.

Overseas Software Development
  • - Software development service for overseas -
We are willing to be software factory for customers who want to reduce software development cost.